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Ron harris gambling

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Ron harris gambling casinos n klamazoo michigan

Owing to his duties as a state agent of the NGCB, he was able to fix his chips at the keno machines at the Atlantic City without raising any eyebrows.

His scheme worked and made him a great deal of money; however, anytime you have to let others in on a plan there's a chance that everything will come crashing down. Ronald Dale Harris was ron harris gambling July 3,and there is little known about Ron's early days, but once employed by Nevada Gaming Control Board he saw an opportunity. No one suspected a thing. They didn't know that they had just left the very man who had done all rron work to get here slip through their fingers. This black book is the known list of offenders gamblibg allowed in any gamblingg including those in Nevada and around the world. Ron had been working with the Gaming Board going on 12 years by the time everything came crashing down.

State of Nevada | Sign up for Notices and Agendas | Problem Gambling | Contact Us | RSS Feeds. Search Query Textbox. Search. Americans. There are many famous names in the casino and gambling indus. Ronald Dale Harris worked for the State Gaming Control Board in Nevada. Ron Harris was an ambitious man and the hours he spent analyzing cryptic. A detailed profile and biography of gambler Ron Harris, one of the most tech savvy criminals to date, and how he proved he was smarter than any gambling.


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